Now before you begin reading drink as much water as your body is asking for, now, and every hour until you feel the itching reduce. The only way to discover if escaping your torment is this simple is to try it for yourself.

Salts (minerals) are needed so add a little salt to taste. Ideally, sea salt or himalayan salt (broad spectrum minerals). Table salt has glass and sand, but if there is nothing else, consider using this. I would.


Switch off as much wifi and electricity as you can and get away from your electronic devices until you experience relief, then decide what you need and can life without.

  • Water enema is a quick way to hydrate the body.
  • Stop all caffeine and alcohol while you rehydrate.
  • Move your bed from wall sockets and make sure no wires run under your bed.
  • Don't sleep with your phone. Remove any electrical alarm clocks from your bedside.

personal experience

After throwing away ALL my possetions and running from my home fearing for my life and thoughts of being unable to take much more, I later discovered the link between water & salt and the bodies life and death need for bio-salts at a cellular level.

Yes, I did:

  • Vacuum, bleach and clean like a lunatic.
  • Boil, freeze and microwave clothes

And so much more, but nothing worked. I ran from my home moving from one Travel Lodge to another for six weeks trying to 'outrun' what was an inside issue aggravated and brought to light by outside forces...

I will add more here later, I merely wish to post this page with the advice to drink water with salt and get yourself away from as much electromagnetic smog (esmog) as possible. Yes, it's a real thing and a hazardous to health.

If you are unconvinced and are still on your phone, tablet or computer, below are a few links to follow if your are looking for 'proof' that water and salt levels are fundamental to life and involved in every ailment, symptom and disease - and constant exposure to EMF is hurting us all.

Electromagnetic Health Blog | Salt Water

this page

This page is what I would have liked to have found in the months leading up to the worst of my experience. It is many years ago now, but the trauma was sufficiently severe as to have rendered me unable to write about it, until now. 


Before choosing a permanent cure to a temporary problem please give EVERYTHING above a go, and if you are still set on 'leaving' please contact one of the many Buddhist Retreats around the world and ask for sanctuary. 

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If your time were up, would you have found this page? 


With love and cellular hydration wishes, 

~ Ainslie Rena

PS This page is not linked on the main website. Only those with direct experience of 'the bugs' will understand and make sense of what is written above.