‘Secrets’ You Already Know

Have you ever wondered whether the words we say and write are only for others to hear? 

The following chapters' were written in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1998 with the intention of inspiring and motivating readers to listen to and trust themselves - no matter what. To get ‘selfish’. To do 'it' their way. To decide for themselves and see fear for what it is. …It turns out I was also talking to myself, specifically, my 2018 self. It has taken 20 years, much confusion and anguish, many questions, and answers, to HEAR two words:“Trust you!”

Now, aged 57, with more knowledge and experience, I had no intention of publishing my first work containing words and ideas I considered too simplistic. Then, I read what I wrote all those years ago. Reminded of how simple (not easy) it can be to navigate and enjoy life, I heard that ‘other’ voice in my head say: “It’s true, we are born with everything. Life is simple. It’s just not bloody easy!”It was then I decided that maybe my early writing had something to offer other determined souls looking for permission to trust and prioritise themselves in their own life. To slow down long enough to remember how to live, thrive and survive our in-sane world where: eat, work, shop, sleep (and repeat) has become the grudgingly accepted monotonous norm. 

Whether we are aware of it or not, trust is implicit in every choice we ultimately make, but there is a crucial difference between automatic assumptive decision making, and consciously trusting oneself with deliberate intention and awareness of life in the here and now: only the here and now is real and free from clinging emotional ghosts and 'What if?' future illusions.

This small book  is compact and packed with insights I believe we share and are born with: insight and wisdom dangerously dulled and threatened by our modern world of relentless pressure, distraction and fear-driven politics, socially induced disease - and 'spend money to feel better, look better and be a better person' commercials.

In closing this brief introduction, I would like to offer a suggestion. Pause to linger a little on any information that ‘presses a button’ - including any ideas you consider confusing, or just too simple - for the obvious can be the most difficult of things.

Here’s to the very best we can be. United and sharing, independent and interdependent - without the need to chronically lean on another, or be leaned on: without the need for approval or permission to be. But rather to trust that being ourselves in our own life experience, is not only okay but is, in fact, the sanest (highest) choice we each can make.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde



...Unless we are true to ourselves, we inadvertently lie to everyone. Unless we are true to ourselves, we live the impossible life of trying to please everyone and can pay the price with our life's time.

...Our warning sign against all of this is the feeling of restlessness which can vary from an occasional irritant to a constant nagging that can find that little voice inside yelling: "Let me out of here, I don't know where to. Just let me out!"

...The longer we ignore our instinct, the more we not only lose ourselves but begin to hate who we have become. As we lost our identity we become vulnerable and dependent on outside praise,