If poems speak the story of one's life, let the reader find a welcome reflection.

The Key to Here

Be where you are without judgement, resistance or condition, but with the gratitude of grace. Here is all places, times and things waiting to be chosen.

Time expands the divine moment creating the gift of illusion. Here, is the newest moment. 

There and Here is one by the grace of time; symbiotic in play, One in reality and for eternity. Play, protect and enjoy your life for the glory of all, safe in the knowledge that Here is what is Here.

The Power of One

One who can give the gift of a smile that warms your hearts and touches your soul. One who expects nothing and accepts everything. One who has the heart to give and the courage to receive. ...One who knows that everything is as it should be.

We each have the power to change the world because we each have the power of One. It takes only one to find the courage to use their power ...for others to remember that they too have the power.

Lost in the Darkness

Lost in the darkness, I needed a happy thought to find my way.

It was the thought of you that filled me with love and brought me home.

Now, whenever the darkness looms, I know I'm safe because you are my happy thought.

Cosmic Mate

With your spirit, I will dance into the night of the moon and the morning of the sun.

Together we shall play upon the rainbow of loving light, until the intersection of place and time, where we can dance in the Light of Life.

My Sister Tracey

The human race is a safe because of my sister Tracey.

Tracey is a balancing force of illuminating hope and the safety light that burns bright in the night.

The brilliance of her loving light transcends darkness, bringing hope and compassion to all.

As a child, Tracey wished to be like her big sister, now her big sister is in awe of the human being she has become.

When Tracey smiles you see the honesty of an Angel and feel a hot chocolate warmth in your belly.

I love you, Sis.

A Moment in Time

What a blessing it is to know that every moment is temporary. What a blessing it is to understand that every moment is new. What a relief it is to realise that it is we who choose the thoughts, that fill the moments, that spend our life's time.

We don't need to know everything, rather that we just believe that we can deal with anything; for anything has the potential of lasting but a moment.

1 st Birthday

written to my nephew

Happy birthday to you my nephew, James Fraser. The head-bumping Tasmanian roadrunner with the playful brown eyes and angel kiss smile.

A whole year you've been here, with no mercy shown, as you seek and adventure all that is known.

An inspiring reminder you be, of the adventure in life to see. A birdie sings flowers blossom, night eyes bright the moon is awesome.

Frustrated you were, when your language we couldn't get, but initiative and brains have eased your strains: to the blanket you point your chubby wee finger to say: "outside is where I wish to linger."

Fear you do not have: to see the woof, woof, you are glad.

Head in the water to see what you see, even though you can not breathe.

Teddy hugging and beer bottle sucking. To music, you like to dance.

So show the world it can be done. Live a life full of fun. Sunbathe naked in the sun. With little regard for what is done.

I love you.

James is now 19 years and a racing driver.

a funny

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