I'M HERE! I'VE ARRIVED! And I'm just what the world needs. Please, will you help me be all I can be?" In truth, I'm really a big bundle of Love, so I will without a doubt make some noise, as I squeeze into this little body of mine. While I fit in, please nourish, nurture and protect me, and in response, nature will naturally (and automatically) create the best me for the world. The best me I can be exists within the world of my tiny cells - I'm here! Ready and willing: waiting to be uncovered, discovered and nurtured into being. Please, will you help me be all I can be?


I've got this body that knows how to heal itself; it comes complete with Trojan armies for fending off outside invaders - but! You must feed my armies fighting food.  Gosh! Every tiny cell has its very own lifetime; when it ends, a new cell is born out of my stored 'A, B, C's' ...When my nutrient alphabet runs low , in my mind, health and emotions it will eventually show - so feed me, feed me good.

I'm here. I've arrived. And I'm ready to absorb (and uniquely reflect) the outside world. ...My mind is open and free; my heart soft with the strength of compassion: show me what you are capable of, and I will be it too; prepare me with life-knowledge and experience and I will be the cause of many positive effects. But if I should feel less than prepared, my young mind will shelter find. And if I am hurt, my heart will become less soft ...and I will be less than I can be.

Excite and inspire me. 

Love and protect me. Nurture my awareness in this world of cause and effect, and encourage me to reflect. I am impressionable for many years, so please expose me to respect and self-respect, and demonstrate the art of rising from fall.

Please, give me your attention: it will not be wasted. The life force you offer is the power that impels my nutrient alphabet into life - without it, my cells will eventually shrivel and die. Receiving your attention confirms and affirms that I am here, and worthy. Offer me lots in the early years, or else I may spend much of my life's-time wondering who I am, all the while sub-consciously attracting, avoiding or craving the attention and approval of others.


We have the best toys in the universe. We have a mind to imagine anything and question everything, and a brain-body with which to create a world in which we wish to live. We have emotions to physically experience the sensation of meaning - and the freewill to apply it! Come on! Teach me how to use, protect and develop these: they hold my potential, so introduce me to them first ...and let me be all that I can be.

So... Prepare me and protect me, and pay to me your attention, and I will naturally and increasingly break free from the limitations of being primarily self-aware. Do this in the pre-puberty years and the psychological shift that puberty brings will be easier on all concerned ...I promise.

"1, 2, 3 wake-up! You're here. And YOU ARE

...Just what the world needs!"

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