My mother, Rena

My mother, Rena

What follows is a conversation between my mother (Rena) and I, on a flight from Arizona to Britain, after visiting my brother, Fraser and his wife, Kristina.

There is no way I can truly communicate how funny this conversation was, but here goes.....

Place: High in the sky

Why: Flying from Arizona to Britain

Action: Mum puts her headphones on. They don't look entirely comfortable to Ainslie. Ainslie takes her own headphones off and asks her mother what she thinks the 'R' on the headphone means.

Mum: "Don't know!"

Meanwhile, mum is still happily wearing the headphones watching the movie.

Ainslie: "What do you think this means?" Ainslie shows her mother the 'L' on the headphone.

Mum: "Land?"

Ainslie struggles to contain her laughter.

Ainslie: "Are your headphones comfortable mum?"

Mum: "Yes"

Ainslie twists her headphones from side to side showing her mother the 'R' and the 'L', and ask her mother to try again.

Mum: "I don't know. Could it be 'land' and 'rocket'?"

Ainslie begins to lose control. Laughter getting louder. Tears forming and falling.

Ainslie: "Mum, are you sure your headphones are comfortable?"

Mum: "Look! It can't be left and right, that's daft, both ears hear the same."

Ainslie loses it. Laughing hysterically. Tears running down her face. 

Ainslie lifts her mothers' headphones and turns them around.

Mum: Smiling: "Oh that's great, they fit right around your ears."

Ainslie: "Oh mum, you're priceless. Don't ever change."



...It still makes me laugh.