Criminal Complaint: 7 Excerpts

1. "On June 14, 2003, The International Criminal Court in The Hague heard a Complaint by Dr Rath and colleagues, of Crimes Against Humanity, committed in connection with The Pharmaceutical ‘Business of Disease’, naming Prime Minister Tony Blair, President George W Bush and other top political figures."

2. "The cause/cure for cancer and disease is so widely known that it defies belief that it is still ‘not known’... The answer is so obvious, that future generations will look back in astonished bewilderment."

3. "For each member of society to realise that they actually ‘have’: a self-diagnosing, self-repairing and self-regenerating body ... would de-stabilise the current societal knowledge power base.”

4. "Organ regeneration is the reason why an adult can be the recipient of a child’s liver, as every liver cell is replaced over a six weeks period. In addition, this same innate regenerative intelligence is why a child of pre-puberty years who severs a finger or toe below the last joint, will experience its re-growth within three months - providing the wound is not stitched closed."

5. "...If a child were schooled in logic, precise reasoning and biochemistry, they would have little difficulty in seeing what millions of blindly trusting adults have failed to see: The undeniable laws of chemistry at work.”

6. “The human organism requires nothing more than oxygen, water, daylight and nourishment, for the miracle that is the human genome to do what it has always done – repair, thrive and evolve. Overtly we are humbled at the biochemical capabilities of our cellular intelligence, yet in our arrogance, ignorance and indifference we have persistently failed to recognise our interference with this process.” 

7. “The sheer magnitude of obstacles set in place to undermine, suppress and control the mind, body and spirit of the people, rule out the probability of mere chance. With big business providing the commercial material for ‘what to think - and accept’, in the absence of an education in ‘how to think - and question’, millions accept the ‘no scientific evidence’ line, over their innate wisdom and common sense.”