Why Bother?

With so many people dropping like flies with a never-ending list of diseases (and cancer running amuck) I decided to share information I believed worthy of the attention and understanding of every citizen.

Two main things bugged me and comprise the complaints two essential elements:

  1. Prime Minister Blair’s unquestioning acceptance that there is NO known cure for cancer.
  2. Failure to remove control of the NHS from an industry dependant upon poor health for its survival.

The document is not so much confrontational than it is informative. The Supplemental element is more informal and speaks to my primary motivation. Both are worth a read. Click for taster excerpts.

Dr Rath

Having discovered that Dr Mathius Rath presented an official complaint to the criminal court in the Hague in 2003, without mainstream media picking it up, I felt compelled to draft and distribute a 'Criminal Complaint' written from a lay perspective.

Primary Motivation?

The kind of torture and torment that comes with living off a 'pilot light' of energy - and horizontal - was my primary motivation.

Like the millions of others whose 'energy battery' went from 100% to near death energy days, I refused to accept life laying down in emotional, physical and mental pain. The condition is, of course, CFS/ME. This document does not address CFS/ME directly; instead, it draws together a great deal of revealing health information while questioning the degree of dependence and ignorance of a people who permit profiteering from the pain, uninformed ignorance and suffering of others.

In refusing to accept the idea of a lifetime of disability, I questioned the root of chronic disease and uncovered a great deal about nature, health, education, healthcare and chronic illness, and felt compelled to share. Although, the 'criminal complaint' idea came to mind when I found Dr Rath.

The Complaint & Supplemental

Also published on Laveva.org in 2005

    ~ Ainslie Rena Sheldan (formerly, Scott-Murphy)