My time in the Royal Air Force is where I discovered my aptitude for public speaking. Later, as a self-employed sports therapist and personal trainer, writing and delivering health & stress management courses was my thing. ...After this, life got interesting!



Crossed paths with some fantastic people and learned a great deal from my time as a recruit instructor. Oh and I somehow managed to bag a 'jolly'  in a Harrier Jump Jet!

athletic by nature- famous for a week

Young, fit, healthy, naive and ignorant, pre my enrolment in the 'University of Life' and the realisation that a chronic health issue is to be my real education, forced wake-up, and the road to fundamental (hidden for all to uncover) truth about health and chronic disease.

the poem gift reminder to us all

There is no better way to provide insight into who I am than to share my idea of who we are. Read and listen here.


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By 40 years of age my energy and health had seriously declined and the journey into the abyss that is CFS/ME was well underway; as was my search for answers.

research results = Ainslie, the angry activist

Disturbed by my research findings but inspired by the action taken by Dr Mathius Rath in 2003, I decided to share the information I had uncovered by writing a review of disease research in 2004 titled 'Criminal Complaint'. ...More.

Self-published book one: Letter to Me 1998

Description: Is there anything more powerful or valuable than the ability to trust yourself, to own and trust your judgement, choices and decisions - AND accept all consequences as... Read more.

BOOK TWO: due to be published august 2018


by Ainslie Rena Sheldan