ainslie sheldan


Humorously Engaging 'The Curiosity that is Chronic Pain?!'


Hello & Welcome!

I am a former Royal Air Force instructor, and sports therapist who enjoys inspiring out of the box thinking while sharing information that enables audiences to understand why I describe chronic pain (long-term pain) as a 'curiosity'. And! Why I believe we have the potential to live and die free of chronic disease.


Why Employ a Health Speaker?

- 5 Reasons -


Health tips and advice appear to be everywhere - so why employ an inspiring health speaker? Simple! People respond to authentic personal stories delivered with humour that include valuable information by one who exemplifies the courage of their convictions.


The 5th Reason


I love questions! By inviting the audience to direct and control the information received, they are more likely to leave more empowered, ready, willing and prepared, to change what must change in their life.




If my style and thinking pings your sense of fun and wonder; I would love to hear from you.

For snippets of the life experiences that led me to write, and speak publicly, click here.

~ Ainslie Sheldan